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One-on-one or teams of hundreds–I’ve been at the helm. Here’s a little bit about my rough seas before I found Divine Drift…

Divine Drift

A’hoy! My NEW Book:: Divine Drift: A Guide for Charting Your Course Through Life… is coming soon.


Drift won’t weather the storms. Divine Drift will. Let’s chart a successful course for your current rapids or those waves around the bend…


Laughter, challenge, and truth from a survivor. I help groups chart 6 actionable steps for a successful, spirit-led voyage…

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God worked through her to help me learn who He is

Jeannie is an amazing woman of God who truly follows where the Holy Spirit leads. In working through some of the hardest seasons of my life, Jeannie challenged, supported, and believed in me. Most importantly- she believed and trusted what God was doing in the process. God worked through her to help me learn who He is. Jeannie does not hesitate to speak truth into my life and I am forever grateful for our relationship. Kayla S. - VA

Jeannie has so much passion to help others by building their faith in God and themselves

There are so many struggles in this life and it is important to have someone who is willing and able to coach you through those tough times.  Jeannie was there for me during marriage struggles, faith struggles, and rearing kid struggles.  Her words of wisdom and strong leadership helped me to weather the storms.

As I watched her struggle with her own health issue, my faith in Christ was exponentially grown because of her unwavering, steadfast faith that "God's got IT"...whatever IT may be. Bernette L. - TX

She has the right mix of empathy, while not allowing the person to stay stuck

Jeannie is an awesome coach. She is a great listener with incredible insights. She has the right mix of empathy, while not allowing the person to stay stuck. She is good at asking the question, “What will it take to get you moving forward?” Ruth Pierce ~ KS

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Upriver Without a Paddle

Upriver Without a Paddle

My brother and I live hundreds of miles apart, so it’s not often that we spend time together. A few weeks before the 4th of July holiday, he invited my husband and me to spend a few days with him and his wife at a cozy cabin. We pulled up pictures of the cabin and...

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Divine Detour or Not?

Divine Detour or Not?

Last Sunday I received "notice" that I was the target of God's Divine detour and to be honest, I wasn't surprised. Decisions, decisions, decisions Just the day before I'd been working on exciting new developments for my business and needed to make several decisions.  ...

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