Ever wonder why God doesn’t show us the “previews” for our life? We don’t get to see the “upcoming episodes” in our journey on this earth. You and I may think, “Oh, I would do better in a crisis if I only knew what happens next.” But I don’t know if that is really true. Would I be able to focus on and enjoy peace in the smooth seas if I knew big waves and crisis were coming? I’m not so sure. My heart needs ways to get through the crisis. I need good-to-remember ways to find peace in a crisis.

I need a good reminder. Sometimes a lot of reminders.

I have weathered rough seas in my private life, from my high-level corner office, and through two separate battles with cancer.  But would I have had the strength to rise and conquer each day knowing cancer was lurking in my future? Or would I have missed making memories with my precious, young sons and daughter while I worried? Only God knows.

But I do know this: When my simple life and little boat starts to rock in rough seas I don’t panic like I used to. I used to panic at crisis–not run around loudly panicking, but quiet, fold-in on myself panic. Since then God has given me some powerful insights and tools to weather the seas and He provides the opportunity to share those tools with other women riding the rocky waves of life.

That brings me to my first Good-To-Remember Point:

1. Don’t Ride Out the Rough Seas Alone

I’m going to go out on a limb and say, God isn’t a fan of kayaks. Well, He may not dislike that adventurous form of exercise, but I know He doesn’t want us in a boat all alone in this life. Because Jesus surrounded himself with lots of people while he ministered on this earth.

The God of the Universe in the person of Jesus needed others. And we do too.

Are you trying to ride out the rough seas of life on your own?

God loves you and wants a relationship with you. He wants to be as close as your next heartbeat. Your next breath. And He wants you to rest in the confidence of knowing He has it all under control.

Do you find it hard to draw near to God?

I suggest journaling. Get into His word. And write down your feelings, thoughts, and emotions about His “owner’s manual” and then listen and wait. Take confidence in knowing He has it all under control.

Reach out to others. Find someone with a steady hand to help you weather the seas. I’d hate to be turned loose on the ocean without someone at my side who knows how to sail rough seas. God designed your heart to need others. Reach out.

2. Keep Your Eyes Above The Waves

In the rough seas of life, it’s best to hunker down, set anchor, and lean into Jesus.

Think back. Do you remember the story of Peter? He was one of Jesus’ small group, one of the disciples. Peter was in the boat in the midst of the storm. He was dealing with some rough seas. And then Jesus told him to walk to Him on the water. What? But, he got up. Peter hopped out of the boat and headed across that water toward the One who made the sea. He participated in a miracle. He walked on water.

Until, he didn’t.

Peter took his eyes off Jesus and began to focus on the wind and the waves. He started to sink. A miracle was surging through his body, his feet, that water! But the miracle was abandoned when Peter misplaced his focus and faith.

In the midst of the storms of life, keep your eyes on Jesus. He knows what you need. Our Lord will bring peace in the midst of the rising waves.

3. Hand Over the Helm

As you spend more time with God and keep your eyes on Him, trust Him to care for your needs. And trust that He cares for you and knows your every need. Turn your decisions, priorities, worries, and plans over to Him.

peace in crisis

Fortunately, rough seas aren’t a surprise to God. Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us there is a season for every purpose under heaven. His timing is perfect. And new seasons come and go.

Trust Him to take over the helm.

How do you do that? I encourage those I coach to:

  1. Surround yourself with encouragement – favorite music, podcasts, books. And make a gratitude list or journal about the goodness in your life.
  2. Pray – tell God your fears and concerns. Reflect on who He is. You don’t have to get all cleaned up or fancied up or use the right words. Be real. And don’t hold back. I find that honesty leads to calm in the chaos.
  3. Meditate on God’s word. Every day. It is truth. It is the Good News. We all need some more good news. Use an online resource to work your way through the bible or explore topics that offer comfort in this time.

Some people are great in a crisis. They think clearly. Act decisively. Then there is the rest of us. Ha!

As a mom of two active boys I had plenty of opportunity to face crisis and be the clear head.


But when I got my first (yes, I’ve had two) cancer diagnosis clear thinking and decisive action were not my first reaction. I needed some good-to-remember ways to find peace in a crisis. And I did remember. I found peace in God’s word, my husband’s arms, the community of others, fixing my eyes on Jesus, and choosing to hand the helm to God.

My choice to submit to God may seem like a must. After all I did have cancer. But I could have chosen differently. I shudder to think what my recovery would have been like without the comfort of the One who made me and those around me for encouragement.

John reminds us that Jesus promised us, ““I leave the gift of peace with you—my peace. Not the kind of fragile peace given by the world, but my perfect peace. Don’t yield to fear or be troubled in your hearts—instead, be courageous!” (John 14:27 The Passion Translation)

Do you need courage? How about an extra measure of peace?

How about a plan to move forward even when the waves threaten to capsize you? If so, I welcome you to download my free, twenty-two-page, eBook “Exploring Divine Drift”.  It accompanies you on this unpredictable journey and offers a new way to stay connected with God.

If you have any questions or want to just chat with a fellow voyager just reach out to me here.

You don’t have to go this alone. No kayaks allowed.