Like many people, I set time aside at the beginning of the year to think through what this new year will bring. My time almost always involves a cup of coffee (or two,) my planner, colored pencils and nature. It’s a time to dream, hope and set goals. I very much look forward to this special time each year.

This year, as in previous years, my planner is full of work, family-related events and a few treasured times away with my hubby. Every year the blocks of time set aside for work and other commitments seems to be much more than the time set aside for for friends, fun and chillaxing. It’s always a hard balancing act.

But this year is a little bit different, and I think it’s going to make a big long-term difference. This year I committed time and money to myself and learned how to be “unhackable.” I still get off track a little bit, but I’m making much better use of the one thing we can’t get back – TIME. The time I spend on social media has been cut back, drastically. My phone and iPad no longer control me, I control them. I did some deep work to define what it is I really want my life to reflect and am focused on working towards those goals (there’s that word FOCUS again.)

It was hard, it took being my own truth-teller and it meant making hard decisions. But it’s worth it.

And what I know is that I will pursue the dreams and plans I have, always ensuring I’m connected to and seeking my Creator and the lover of my soul, to leave a legacy of love and light.

How will you choose to make better use of your time in 2017?