Jeannie Schmidt

Owner, Author, Certified Coach, Speaker

Jeannie speaks from experience as a leader in the corporate and non-profit environments. With over twenty years experience, she is positioned to lead people on a path of growth and empowerment. Sidelined in 2002 with a diagnosis of breast cancer, she persevered through three surgeries and chemotherapy while continuing to manage a team of people in the corporate world, as well as lead a department of a non-profit organization. An entrepreneur at heart, she started four companies. She continues to passionately pursue this adventure called life, eagerly anticipating the next great experience around the bend.

Jeannie and her husband live on the family homestead in Southwest Virginia. They share their “home on the hill” with the “Moo Zoo” – two dogs, a cat and a parrot (as well as the occasional bear, deer, turkey, and lots of little creatures.) Parts of her heart are in Texas and Colorado where her three adult children and their families live, including eight wonderful grandchildren.