Why a coach?

If you’ve ever played a sport or watched one, you are familiar with a coach. On the sidelines. Not saying much. But very focused.

They aren’t center stage. A coach’s work is done months before–in an office or on a beat-up practice field. A coach’s strategy, behind-the-scenes preparation, and the passion they inject into their players–changes the game. You won’t see a successful team without a great coach. The coach’s experience, direction, and expectations change the game. There are times in life when every single one of us could benefit from a coach. We could use a game-changer. Especially after a scary diagnosis. 

Why me?

You won’t see me on ESPN anytime soon, but I am a coach. A woman who spends her time creating life-changing resources, reading the Bible and listening to God, while applying my experience and expectations to shepherd women through their cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

I’ve been sky-high as a Vice President in the corner office and deep-down-low in a chemo chair. And I found myself asking that same question, “Why me?” Now I know why. And God knew why. God’s plans for me include helping others weather the rough seas of life in a practical, spiritually-aware way. My trials, failures, and successes are to guide others toward God’s very best for their life in a calm, encouraging way.