My toes got stepped on last weekend, and it hurt. I heard a great talk about the things in our lives that cause deficits. Deficits of joy, finances, peace – the list could go on and on. The speaker suggested that the source of the deficits are uninvited guests in our lives. You know, those things we allow into our lives that take rather than give. I’m here to confess that my health, specifically my weight, has created a deficit. I’m no longer willing to drift along in comfortable complacency as I allow this uninvited guest in on a regular basis.  And all of comfortable complacency’s  “friends” are no longer invited either.

You see, I’m the kind of girl who wants to experience all the promises, plans, and experiences for my future.  I plan to live a long, healthy life so I can:

  • enjoy my adult children and their families
  • have big adventures with my family and friends
  • live long enough to see my great-great-grandchildren
  • travel the world
  • share the Truth of the richness of life with others

Today I begin a new season in my life.