Perhaps you can relate… the last year or so of my life has been full beyond measure. I’ve gone past the deadline for completing my book not once, but twice. I’ve had the extreme blessing of connecting with a group of wonderful women committed to helping people find their God given purpose and live courageous lives — we just launched our first online summit — what an incredibly time-consuming, skill-stretching and mind-expanding adventure. My husband and I discovered a huge nest of termites in the walls of our home — requiring a costly and intrusive rebuild of our one and only bathroom. My position in our church has taken a radical, but much-needed and very timely change.

And in the midst of it all I’ve come, once again, to a place of full and utter reliance on God.

Time isn’t something we can comprehend, and I don’t think we will until we make it to our final home. But what I know is that in the midst of crazy busy schedules, tasks, needs, wants and demands — God will be in the midst of it all and direct our path. It’s been an incredible challenge, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s stretched me in ways I could never think or imagine… but when it’s all said and done I can connect the dots and see how He was using it for good. The growth, experiences and challenges paved the way to allow me to help others connect with God in deeper and more meaningful ways.  And ultimately, that’s all that really matters.

So when it all seems like too much, and you can’t figure out how everything will come together — lean on Him. Take a deep breath, hand it over and listen… then follow. When you do you, will experience the indwelling presence of God and you will discover that you never have to give up because it’s all in His hands.